Brock Worley Talks About Document Management Services During a Pandemic

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Interview by Doug Wagner on WMT Morning Show
Aired 7/22/20

Doug: We love local businesses and we support them here on the WMT morning show. Doug Wagner here with you at 8:17, 73 degrees. Brock Worley with Kenwood Records Management at Brock, good morning, how are you today?

Brock: Doug, good morning, I appreciate the phone call and nice to hear everybody’s struggling with the heat as well, it’s going to be warming up again this weekend.

Doug: Not only that, people are struggling with what to do because of the coronavirus. I just had a New York Times best-selling author on, Laura Vanderkam, talking about her new book, The New Corner Office: How The Most Successful People Work From Home. And at Kenwood Records Management, you’ve got some ideas about document control and about document procurement that you can help people with, especially if you have an empty office, but you still have paperwork processing that needs to be done. Tell me a little bit about what you do at Kenwood Records Management that can help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brock: Obviously we take great pride in offering all of our services under one roof, whether it’s document imaging, shredding or storage. Currently over the last several months with the whole COVID pandemic it has been an interesting time across the board in all different industries. We serve industries such as healthcare, law firms, insurance and manufacturing. With that being said, we are starting to see a rise in our core customers doing scan on demand, where we can pull a box and pull a file for a customer and scan it to them in a very secure Dropbox fashion, where they can access it in a matter of minutes. We’ve been seeing a lot of that. And we’ve also seen a rise in the last several weeks with our core customers getting back to the office or working from home and the handling has picked up. The medical shredding has started to pick up. I think with this day and age and with people being able to access documents electronically in a secure fashion, we’ll be seeing that more and more. As we do with everyone doing Zoom meetings, the ability to share PDF documents in a secure fashion, it’s definitely more relevant now. It’s going to be the rise of it for a long time to come.

Doug: Brock, I know around here we were down to a point where we had 4 and a half people in an office that usually has up to 20 people in it on a regular basis. And it was something if you were in control of the documents and you were one of the people who were on the outside looking in. You were going to come back and there were just going to be piles laying all over the place that it was your responsibility to get those things taken care of and ordered. How simple is it for people to get in touch with you at Kenwood Records Management and start the process so you can get the document imaging, the on-demand document service electronically and the 24/7 retrieval of the hard copy if you need it.

Brock: Sure, it’s definitely a process that we like to meet with our customers on. It boils down to what they are looking for. Obviously the more organized they have it upfront with either boxes of documents or files, to provide a manifest where we can go back through with our inventory control system, they call us up, “hey Brock we’re looking for files John Smith from a certain box.” We can go to that box, physically pull that file and either scan it electronically or hand deliver it the customer.

Doug: Brock, real quick can you help them with that organization? Maybe you’ve got somebody who is just completely overwhelmed at that point. Is that something you an help tutor them in order for them to get organized so they can have the kind of manifest that is going to make it easier for both you and them to take care of that process?

Brock: Yes, very much so. It’s very hands on with our customers, taking them through the process. We always say, “let us do what we do best so they can go back to their everday jobs.” It’s nice to now get the opportunity to meet with customers and still maintain the social distance. But give them a perspective of what we can do for them, electronically or physical storage, whatever their needs we can do here at Kenwood Records.

Doug: Kenwood Records Management at For 25 plus years, they have been serving customers in Eastern Iowa. They are a division of Worley Warehousing. You probably know that name not just because of Brock Worley and Blaine and his brother and their family. They’ve been organizing stuff for people in this area for years and doing it successfully. We love our local businesses, so we want to make sure you know that Kenwood Records Management can help you organize your files – shredding, imaging and holding on to the paper copies – not in that order. Just want to make sure everybody knows it’s not in that order. Hey, how important is the secure shredding of documents for companies?

Brock: It’s very important in this day and age. Our customers rely on us to be NAID certified, which is National Association of Information Destruction. We have to meet so many different secure compliances and measures, from handling the shred from point A to point B. That’s another quick thing I’ll mention. We have seen a major influx in what we call residential walk-in shredding. As people have had a lot of time working from home, or cleaning out their parents house, we accommodate them to bring their shredding material here and we take it off their hands in a secure manner. It has definitely been on the rise in that last several weeks, that’s for sure.

Doug: I don’t doubt that at all. is how you can get in touch with them at Kenwood Records Management. Brock Worley, thank for joining us on the WMT morning show.