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Convenient and Secure Records Storage.

Out of Your Expensive Office Space – But Not Out of Reach.

Document Storage
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Whether your organization’s documents are on paper, computer tape, or microfilm—storing and protecting them is an essential responsibility. In a disaster, it may be the only way to recover your business. Kenwood Records provides secure storage for a wide variety of businesses throughout Iowa including Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, and Des Moines. We’ll pick up your records, store them in a secure location, and provide barcoding, electronic inventory control, tape rotation, and 24-hour on-demand records retrieval. Web-based inventory management is also available.

Over 100,000 Square Feet of Secure, Environmentally Controlled Warehouse Space

Kenwood offers secure warehouse storage space and environmentally controlled vaults. Facility access is limited to authorized personnel. All Kenwood warehouses also have validated fire detection and suppression.

Fireproof Vaults Protect Critical Files and Data

Digital and backup data are stored in certified, fireproof, humidity-controlled vaults built to NFPA 232 standards.

Online Inventory Management Lets You Track and Retrieve Records with the Click of a Mouse

The Kenwood Inventory System gives you constant access to your document inventory. Our RSWeb.NET online tool offers pre-defined “Quick Searches” so you can find stored cartons or documents using your own terminology. You can also create your own searches using an advanced search tool. With “Instant Reports” you can search the database and print the results out instantly, right from your own office. Schedule pickups, deliveries, and place requests for jobs such as reboxing or document retrieval—anytime.

Our Bar Code Technology uses industry-standard tracking methods to make retrieval of your cartons and documents efficient and accurate. That means when you ask for carton 1492045 to be delivered to your office, you receive carton 1492045. No wasted searching. No delays in delivery.

Handy Supplies for Document Storage, Pickup, and Delivery

We have cardboard Cube Boxes that are much stronger than cheaply-made document storage boxes you find at office supply stores. Our boxes won’t fall apart during transport—and they are sized so they’re easier to lift and carry.

Storage Cases. Our Tape and Media Cases are available in a variety of sizes to meet your data capture storage needs. All cases are lockable. Our tape rotation services also protect valuable data.