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High-Speed Document Scanning and Accurate Digital Imaging

Our high-speed document scanners create high-resolution digital images of your paper documents at a rate of 200 pages per minute. After scanning, we can store your documents in our secure warehouses or shred them in our NAID-certified document destruction facility.

Document Scanning

We Prepare Your Documents for Scanning with the Utmost Attention to Detail

Not every company would take the time to reposition a sticky note on a document before scanning so you can see the text underneath. Kenwood does. We take care of the smallest details to organize, protect, and preserve your documents. Contact us to find out more about our unique digital conversion services.

We Convert Your Documents and Film at the Speed of Light

Manila file folderPaper conversion to digital images is done with utmost care. During pre-production, we remove staples, repair torn pages, and optimize scan settings. We create images of all documents using high-speed scanning. This includes double-side scanning.


MicrofilmMicrofilm conversion to digital images moves your archive into a database that can be indexed and searched. Kenwood can scan all types of microfilm including 16mm, 35mm, and 105mm. We can convert your film to a variety of image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and searchable PDF.


MicroficheMicrofiche conversion to digital images protects your critical data. Kenwood can scan a wide variety of microfiche from 42X, 48X or 105X COM, 16mm, 35mm and 105mm Jacketed, or 35mm or 105mm fiche.

Multiple Options for Storing and Distributing Your Digital Document Images

Scanning and storing digital images is just the beginning at Kenwood Records. Because saving your documents doesn’t do you any good if you can’t access your critical data when you need it. That’s why Kenwood offers many ways to index, manage, and view your digital files.

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Scan-On-Demand: We're at Your Beck and Call

You may have inactive paper files that don’t require digital archiving. But when one of those files suddenly becomes active, that’s when our scan-on-demand service comes to the rescue. We will retrieve your important records, scan them using our high-speed imaging system, and send them to you electronically.

Why Businesses are Switching to Document Imaging

There are many reasons that companies are scanning more of their documents and accessing them digitally. When you add up the costs of storing paper files, the expense of paper, printing and copying, and labor and handling fees — moving to a digital workflow makes dollars and sense. Scanned documents also improve workflow efficiencies and improve customer service. Learn more about the ROI and Cost Effectiveness of Going Digital by downloading this white paper.

Download this informative white paper