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We Manage Your Documents, So You Can Manage Your Business

Our mission is to manage and protect your business-critical records, computer files, and data backup media so you can access them when you need them—but don’t have to worry about them when you don’t. At every step—from pickup and delivery, to scanning, storage, and shredding—we follow strict protocols and procedures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information.

Document Scanning & Archiving

Using high-speed scanners, our professionally trained staff can quickly convert your physical records and documents into digital document images at hundreds of pages per minute – double-sided.

Digital Document Management

We offer many flexible options for storing and distributing your digital document images. They can be saved to electronic storage media, to our Kenwood Cloud, or to your company system.

Records Storage & Distribution

We store, manage and track your physical documents in secure, environmentally controlled facilities, and track them for quick retrieval. We provide 24-hour on-demand delivery or scanning services for even faster access.

Document Shredding & Destruction

We offer secure, confidential and NAID-certified document destruction and records disposal, which protects your business, frees up valuable work space, and ensures the privacy of your employees, suppliers, vendors, and other business associates.

Pickup & Delivery

When you need a specific record or carton, let Kenwood do the legwork. We’ll deliver your documents to your place of business faster than you can say, “where is the key to our storage locker.”