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Transportation Industry

A Trusted Partner for the Transportation Industry

We help the Transportation industry develop strategies to manage their paper documents and digital data — from creation and active use, through safe and accessible storage, to secure destruction.

  • Driver personnel / safety records
  • Proof of delivery / bill of ladings
  • Customs declarations / certificates
  • Trip envelopes / fuel tickets / receipts
  • Fleet management / vehicle maintenance
  • Invoices / rendition billing / collections
  • Freight damages / claims documentation
  • And many more!

Improve Productivity, Enhance Customer Service

With the Kenwood Content Management Imaging Solution you can improve productivity, enhance customer service, organize more effectively, and eliminate the aggravation of missing documents.

Designed for Your Specific Needs

  • Secured content management
  • Reduce your costly infrastructure needs
  • 365 / 24 / 7 access to your documents and data
  • No additional IT staff required
  • Software support and maintenance provided
  • Web and mobile application support
  • Multiple interface and viewer options
  • Flexible storage backup and archival options
  • Image and spool files, report capture, and more

Customer Support

  • Images can be ported to a variety of legal software applications
  • Email, fax, print, and delivery
  • Web and mobile document access
  • Convertible to multiple digital media outputs
  • Kenwood Cloud Web Server
  • On site scanning at law firms
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Compliance Support

  • Legal and compliance
  • Archive storage and disaster recovery

Seamless Document Workflow

  • Pickup and delivery nationwide
  • Storage
  • Digital Imaging
  • Destruction
  • Indexing
  • Paper / Michrofiche / Microfilm to digital conversion

Human Resources Support

  • Interfaced
  • Interactive inquiry