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Pickup & Delivery. You Name the Place, You Set the Time.

Our pickup and delivery services are designed to revolve around your company and your schedule. The speed of business doesn’t always slow down for weekends or holidays. That’s why we offer 24-hour pickup and delivery, 365 days a year.

Pickup and Delivery

We Pick Up Documents from Your Office

Our fleet of delivery vehicles and bonded Kenwood drivers stand ready 24 hours a day to pick up and deliver to your office. Our QuickCode™ inventory tracking system allows us to locate your records in minutes. We can retrieve and deliver a single record or an entire box within a few hours.

Ship Documents Via UPS, FedEx, or OTR (Over The Road)

We provide document scanning, storage, and shredding services to companies throughout Iowa and across the country. Simply ship us your paper, film, or computer media and we will capture your records as digital images that can be searched and managed through our Web-based Kenwood Image Repository.

Transmit Documents Via Email, FTP, or Media

If you already have digital files, we can help you index, store, and manage your valuable data. Still have boxes full of paper, but don’t need it all scanned and digitized? With our scan-on-demand services, we can retrieve an entire carton or an individual document from our storage facility and send digital images to your computer or mobile device within minutes. It’s the best of both worlds. Learn more about our image scanning services.

We Retrieve Documents from the Kenwood Warehouse Whenever You Need Them

Spend less time sorting through files and more time getting work done. When you need a specific record or carton, let Kenwood do the legwork. We’ll deliver your documents to your place of business faster than you can say, “where is the key to our storage locker?”