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We Offer Many Flexible Options for Storing and Distributing Your Digital Documents

Scanning and storing digital images is just the beginning at Kenwood Records. Because saving your documents doesn’t do you any good if you can’t access your critical data when you need it. That’s why Kenwood offers many ways to index, manage, and view your digital files.

Kenwood Records can scan and digitize your paper documents to a folder directory structure that will enable you to use the power of your computer to search and retrieve your documents by key index points or OCR. Documents are stored in a PDF format so you have all the features and flexibility of your favorite viewer.

Digital Scanning Process

Save to Computer Media

For speed and simplicity, nothing stacks up to having all your files on a local hard drive, flash drive or data disc. We can scan digital images of a stack of 25,000 paper documents and put them onto a single flash drive. Using that data capture, you can complete searches and print copies of your documents directly from your computer or mobile phone.

Save to the Kenwood Cloud

Your backfile and active paper documents can be scanned and imported directly into the Kenwood Cloud Electronic Content Management (ECM) system. Through a partnership with Real Vision Software (RVI), Kenwood Records offers a full ECM solution on both the Windows and IBM iSeries platforms.

Learn more about the Kenwood Cloud

Transmit Via Email or FTP

Need quick access to a single paper record in storage? With our scan-on-demand service, we will retrieve your important records, scan them using our high-speed document imaging system, and send them to you electronically. Please check your company’s policies about transmitting digital documents.

Save to Your Company Network

Many companies require that their sensitive data be stored within their own systems. Kenwood Records will scan your documents using a secure chain of ownership to protect your confidentiality. We can transfer the files directly to your IT department for secure storage on your servers.

Why Businesses are Switching to Document Imaging

There are many reasons that companies are scanning more of their documents and accessing them digitally. When you add up the costs of storing paper files, the expense of paper, printing and copying, and labor and handling fees — moving to a digital workflow makes dollars and sense. Scanned documents also improve workflow efficiencies and improve customer service. Learn more about the ROI and Cost Effectiveness of Going Digital by downloading this white paper.

Download this informative white paper