Do You Know Where Your Documents are Being Shredded?

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If you have mountains of documents piling up to be shredded, don’t risk the chance that your files will be handled multiple times and transported far away. That’s exactly what can happen when you send your shredding to a reseller like The UPS Store or FedEx. They contract with a national shredding company that may take your sensitive documents to who knows where to be destroyed.

When you bring your sensitive documents to Kenwood Records, you are assured that your document security is maintained at every step and that your records are destroyed at our local NAID-certified destruction center.

Save money.

Shredding documents through retail drop-off points like The UPS Store, FedEx, Staples, or Office Depot typically costs more than a dollar per pound. When a banker box full of paper weighs 25 pounds or more, you can see how your costs can really add up. Call Kenwood Records Management for economical, secured shredding services. We can save you money and hassle when shredding large volumes of paper.

What can I shred?

Shred your financial records, old tax forms, canceled checks, and confidential letters. We even destroy media like CDs, DVDs, and microfilm. Anything you don’t want anyone else laying their eyes on. Please keep non-paper materials separate from paper materials. Don’t worry about removing staples or paperclips. Contamination or commingling of shred materials with non-paper products may render it ineligible for shredding. Kenwood will not accept any material considered toxic, dangerous or which is regulated under any federal or state law or regulation relating to hazardous materials.

How does it work?

For smaller quantities of business or household shredding, you may drop off documents and media for secure shredding at our 3700 J St SW facility during operating hours of 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

We accept cash or checks for walk-in shredding services. Call us at (319) 396-0622 if you have any questions about our shredding services or pricing.

For larger quantities of records over 10 boxes, contact us for a quote and to arrange convenient pickup service.

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