United Fire Group

United Fire Group“We contracted with Kenwood Records Management in late 2011. The Kenwood Records sales team was instrumental in presenting all of our options and helping us in our decision making process.

“They took the time to come to our office and explain the different options available to us for storage, scanning and document disposal. They also gave us a tour of their facilities including their prepping and scanning area, while they did a “test” run of several of the boxes of documents that we needed to have scanned. This allowed us to view their operations, the quality controls that they have in place as well as their commitment to client confidentiality.

“United Fire Group would highly recommend Kenwood Records Management for any storage, scanning or document disposal job. They are prompt, courteous and always have the customer’s best interest in mind. We have contracted several other projects with them.”

Sonja Hadenfeldt
Imaging Specialist, United Fire Group
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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