Cedar Rapids Community School District

Cedar Rapids Community School District“The Cedar Rapids Community School District processes a very large quantity of Accounts Payable documents. In the past, retaining this much paper required a large amount of warehouse space, and if we ever needed to locate a document within a box – well, good luck! Not only did retrieval take a huge amount of time just to locate the correct box and file, but it was also a dirty, dusty, messy process.

“Kenwood helped our accounting department develop a better solution to retain our Accounts Payable documents that requires a minimum amount of space. They also gave us a method of retrieving digital images of our documents which is very fast, and clean! We can now utilize valuable District resources for other purposes, and the time savings allows staff to work on other projects.

“The staff at Kenwood also made the transition to scanning so easy! They provided excellent training for our staff (at no charge) and if we ever have questions or problems, response time is very quick. I look forward to working with Kenwood as we begin using this process in other aspects of our Accounting Department to satisfy our document retainage requirements.”

Casey L Kiley
Accounting Supervisor
Educational Leadership & Support Center
Cedar Rapids Community School District
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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